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First Term Enhanced

First Term Enhanced

First Term Enhanced provides several unique opportunities among the SMBI terms. First, it is a shorter period of study with four weeks of classes. The structure provides the same amount of class time per class as the standard terms. However, the minimum course load is 4 1/2 study hours rather than 6 study hours. Second, first term incorporates personal discipleship through small group meetings and a Friday evening-Saturday event. This is designed to help the student process and share their life story. Third, an optional 10-day hands on opportunity is provided following the term. Students may choose one of the following tracks: music ministry, personal development through wilderness experience, or urban ministry.

Post-Term Opportunities

Music Ministry: (1 Music Credit)

This opportunity is an extension of the choir with a small group (quartet as a minimum) traveling to some of the same locations involved with the urban ministries and providing a capella music ministry and other support to those teams. Presentations will be primarily in ministry contexts such as nursing homes, homeless shelters, schools, streets, and possibly churches. Enrollment in Music Ministry and Theology is required. (approx. $225)

Wilderness Development: (1 Practical Credit)

Leave behind watches and cell phones. This opportunity takes the student into the wilderness to continue the training and personal growth established during term. These intense canoe or hiking trips provide ample opportunity to deepen relationships with God and others and expand team-building skills. Time will be devoted to individual and group reflection to maximize the experiential lessons which are encountered. (approx. $575)

Urban Ministry: (1 Evangelism Credit)

This is an opportunity for hands on experience in urban ministries. Locations offer the opportunity to work in an established mission setting or to be a part of a ground breaking work. Students may also choose to return to their home area for ministry development. The students will spend a maximum amount of time in hands on involvement. In each opportunity, students are expected to be prepared to find or create some of their own avenues of ministry. Maturity suited to urban ministry and self-direction is required. Opportunities may include homeless shelters, hospitals, parks, nursing homes, kids clubs, church, community service, tract distribution and anything else possible to integrate in the life of the city. Time is also set aside each day for the team to intentionally reflect on the experiences and interactions of the day. Each team will consist of a minimum of 2 members. Ministry locations are listed on page 21.

Note: All costs are estimates. There may also be some additional cost for public transportation in the city, meals while on the street, etc.


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June 24 - August 2, 2019

The WATER program is a six week summer missions opportunity. If you have been wanting to see and experience mission work first hand with the missionary as your teacher, WATER will provide you with that opportunity.

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Family Week

August 6 - 10, 2018

Family Week is an interactive experience for parents, grandparents, youth, and children.

2018 Daily Schedule

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This is a dynamic, relaxing time for families to connect with each other while attending stimulating classes. Youth, whose families are not able to attend, are welcome to attend the special sessions for youth. Children’s classes and child care are provided during the morning. Special sessions for men and ladies are intended to encourage their hearts for the ministry God has called them to in the family.

Families should bring a tent, camper, or motor home for overnight lodging. There is limited family lodging available on or near campus. Single persons may sleep in the school dorms. Meals will be served in the dining hall.

Classes begin promptly Monday morning at 8:45 a.m. If possible, we encourage you to come Sunday afternoon Aug. 5th.

Pre-registration is required to attend Family Week. 

  • Children will have supervised activities during classes.
  • Cost will be met by free-will offerings.
  • Bring along: Bible, bedding and personal items.
  • Standards listed in the SMBI Handbook will be observed with some exceptions.
  • Registration fee is $45.00 per family.
  • Brochures are available from SMBI, typically by April.

Ministers Week

February 18-22, 2019

The 2019 Ministers’ Week is designed to help church leaders practically apply doctrinal teachings to the body life of their local churches. The classes are designed for those in leadership and their wives, but we welcome anyone who has a desire to study the Word of God.

The Ministers’ Week is a five-day program of in-class study. Classes begin Monday noon and end Friday noon. Each one in attendance may enroll in a maximum of three courses. There will be a total of approximately nine hours of teaching per subject.


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Six Week Terms

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September 22, 2018 - May 23, 2019

SMBI offers five 6-week terms of study from September through May of each year. Each term contains many different aspects that are designed to help students grow and mature in their Christian lives.

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  • 2018/2019 Term Updates

    The course catalogterm calendar, course schedule, course offerings, handbook, instructors, and student application are updated for the 2018/2019 academic year.

  • WATER: June 26-August 4, 2017

    The WATER program is a six week summer missions opportunity. It provides students with a first hand experience of mission work with the missionary as a teacher. There are still open opportunities, especially for men. 

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