Information regarding coursework at SMBI, including policy regarding tardiness, change of courses, withdrawal, and more.


SMBI currently offers three concentrations of study for graduation. These include Christian Education, Bible & Theology and Missions. The WATER program is conducted from the end of June to the end of July to provide students with short-term exposure to the mission fields of conservative Anabaptists around the world. SMBI also offers a one-week Family & Youth Week during the first week of August and a Ministers’ Study Week in mid-February.

Current class schedules, course descriptions, and major headings are listed in this website and are subject to revision at any time.

Changes of Courses

Course changes must be made before the third day of classes.

Study Hours and Audits

Credit (in study hours) will be granted upon satisfactory completion of course requirements established by the instructor and in accordance with course standards. Eight hundred and eighty minutes of class time equals one study hour. Course study hours are based on semester hours using a sequence of five six-week terms per academic year. A normal academic load is six hours per term. Study hours can be transferred to or from SMBI dependent on the criteria of the sending or receiving academic institution.

Students may audit courses at will, but are encouraged to audit only so much as will allow appropriate time for concentration on courses taken for credit. If all requirements for credit are met by the auditor, he may receive credit at completion of the course. There will be an addi-tional tuition charge for study hours earned beyond the normal load recommended in the cata-log.

Class Absences and Tardiness

Excusable absences must be cleared with the instructor. Such absences will include illness, accident, funeral, or wedding in the family, or certain school responsibilities. Unexcused absences will lower the final grade 1 1/2 points per 90 minute class. Repeated tardiness may result in a lower grade.

Transfer of Study Hours

For specific information concerning transfer of study hours, please inquire at the SMBI office.


A withdrawal from class after the time allotted for course changes will be recorded as incomplete (I). An (I) may be raised to a passing grade if the instructor’s requirements are met in the time allotted by the faculty. If work is not completed in the allotted time, the (I) automatically becomes a failing grade.


To receive credit for completing a course the student must have earned a grade of 70% or more. The student not achieving a grade of at least 70% will not receive credit for the particular course, but may repeat the course in a later term.

Letter grades usually reflect standings relative to other students rather than individual advancement of competence. Therefore, letter grades are assigned by the Registrar only when necessary for purposes of transfer to another school. Grades upon completion and payment of each term are given as a percentage grade. They correspond with letter grades as follows: