WATER Locations

South Asia — DestiNATIONS International

A majority Muslim country, a bustling mega city, monsoon rains, epic traffic jams… Experience cross-cultural ministry up- close as you live with a team member and share life with them for a month …sometimes exciting, sometimes boring, often exhausting. Explore the culture, make new friends, start language learning, teach English, visit the countryside and pray for the people. Learn from long-term workers, both singles and families, as you see different models of ministry. Ladies will have opportunities to volunteer in helping at-risk ladies and their children. Men will spend time in (and optionally live in) a poor neighborhood community with opportunities to connect with the young men. $2,900.00

Two Male & Two Female Trainees

Cambodia — DestiNATIONS International

The team will teach English, prepare for and host a Kid’s Club, prayer walk and build relationships with the locals by playing soccer. $2,800.00

Four Male & Four Female Trainees

Canada, Dryden — Northern Youth Programs

Join us for our Personal Workers’ Training Camp (PWTC) experience. Our mission partners with Aboriginal people in north- western Ontario and eastern Manitoba. We drive or fly participants into remote northern reserves where they work directly with Native leaders. Living conditions are rustic. Expect to spend a lot of time with Native children through Vacation Bible School, fishing, camping, and outdoor activities. Interact with adults through literature sales, VBS, church fundraisers and other activties. Anyone interested in going to this mission should contact NYP directly. We will give credit for participation in lieu of the WATER Program when all requirements are satisfactorily completed.

Norman Miller — Not Available 2021

Dominican Republic, Jimani — Int’l. Faith Missions

Trainees will be involved in day-to-day ministries working beside the missionaries. These include meeting the spiritual needs of church attendees and community, visitation, tract distribution, vocational trips, Bible school and Bible classes for children, youth, and adults, etc. There will be opportunity to visit Haiti. $1,275.00

Tom Mohler — Not Available 2021

El Salvador, San Salvador & Beyond — Amish Mennonite Aid

Trainees will have a diverse ministry experience. The possibilities for involvement in ministries either together or singly, in- clude helping at the Deaf School, helping in several church schools, being involved in hospital visitation, street ministries, liter- ature distribution, Bible Correspondence Course ministry, or helping missionary mothers with their everyday tasks such as cooking, washing, home schooling, cleaning, painting, sewing, and relating to neighbors. We plan that there will be time to — read articles or books related to mission work and have interaction with missionaries about their goals, objectives, and methods. Part of the time trainees will be with native Spanish-speaking persons, so part of this experience is immersion in Spanish lan- guage and culture. Come with a servant’s heart and a desire to help build the church. $1,100.00

Marcos Miller — Two Male or Two Female Trainees *

Greece, Lesvos — I58

Serving on a one-month team with I58 in Greece requires 2 personal qualities: Humility and Flexibility. Working in a refugee camp, you’ll do anything from cleaning toilets to distributing clothes or calming down a crowd. There are daily 8-hour shifts — for volunteers in camp. One full meal per day is provided by I58 at the community center. You will be working alongside vol- unteers from other Christian and non-Christian organizations, and must be spiritually attentive and mature. You’ll stay at a central apartment complex, close by I58 house parents and admin. staff.

Applications must be received by April 15th. *You will need an additional $450 per person for food.


Nate Shrock — Six Male & Six Female Trainees*

Grenada — Olive Branch Menn. Missions

Grenada is a mountainous, tropical island in the West Indies with a population of 100,000 people. The weather in July is a mix of hot sun and rain showers. You will have countless opportunities to minister with the missionaries to children and youth through Bible School, Bible clubs, youth activities, church activities and day-by-day interaction. You will have opportunities to minister to community people by visiting in their homes, Bible studies, manual labor projects and more. You will receive a rich blessing if you come with a desire to serve. Trainees will live with the missionary while helping him in Bible studies, tract dis- tribution, children’s ministries, manual labor projects, etc. $1,450.00

Leonard Bauman — Two Male & Two Female Trainees

Guatemala, El Chal — Jungle Breezes Youth Ministries

Volunteers at the Good Samaritan Clinic will have a chance to see how nurses care physically and spiritually for their pa- tients. Duties may involve assisting in the pharmacy, participating in health education demonstrations and other projects related to the operation of the clinic. Volunteers will see firsthand the challenges of being a nurse in a developing country and what inspires the clinic staff to help their patients day after day. $1,750.00

Steve Miller — One Male or One Female Trainee

Guatemala, El Chal — Jungle Breezes Youth Ministries

At the Mission Base, volunteers can expect to be involved in caring for JBYM visitors, housekeeping duties, meal preparation and jobs related to mission maintenance and upkeep. We will try to customize volunteer responsibilities according to each per- sons abilities and interests. The work of the Mission Base is primarily a support role for JBYM. Those that work there will have a view into what it takes to operate a mission and the challenges and opportunities that come with it. $1,750.00

Tim Martin — One Male or One Female Trainee

Guatemala, El Chal — Jungle Breezes Youth Ministries

At the Tree of Life School volunteers can interact with children from preschool to 9th grade. They will have the opportunity to teach English classes, help on the school bus, and assist with other duties related to the operation of the school. Volunteers will learn what it takes for the teachers to reach their students who come from varied, but often difficult backgrounds. They will see the relationships that form to make teaching a rewarding service. $1,750.00

Cesar Vasquez — One Male or One Female Trainee

Guatemala, Guatemala City — Mennonite Air Missions

Trainees will be assigned to mission posts to work alongside the missionary. They will help in work projects, personal evange- lism, cottage meetings, tract distribution, and Bible studies. Spanish language study available. $1,475.00

Wesley King — Six Trainees*

Guatemala, Sayaxche — Jungle Breezes Youth Ministries

The La Anchura Boy’s Ranch will put volunteers right beside the staff and boys on a remote jungle ranch. They can expect to be involved in daily chores with the various animal projects, help with selling products that the ranch produces, and perform other tasks that are necessary to operate the ranch. Volunteers will learn the reason behind the daily structured activities at the ranch and how these activities benefit the staff and the boys. $1,750.00

Andrew Brubacher — Two Male or One Male and One Female Trainees

Haiti, Fond Parisien — Int’l. Faith Missions

Fond Parisien is wedged between Haiti’s tallest mountains and its largest lake right on the DR border. You will be working alongside missionaries and Haitians meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the surrounding communities. You may find yourself in the medical clinic, children’s home, children’s Bible classes, putting a roof on a widow’s house, showing the Jesus film, or hiking to a remote mountain area. There will be daily responsibilities of domestics and shop/maintenance, and constant opportunities to interact with Haitian young people and adults. Come with a heart to learn and be challenged while ministering to the least of these. $1,225.00

Keith Martin — Not Available 2021

Haiti, Santo/Criox-des-Boquets — SLM Ministries

Trainees will be involved in the everyday activities of the mission, working with the administrator’s family in the daily activi- ties of the mission which involve domestics, repair, and maintenance, teaching Summer Bible School in various communities, as well as opportunities to encourage and interact with Haitian children, young people and adults. You will experience mission life and immersion in the Haitian language and culture. $1,250.00

Joel Sensenig — Four Trainees

Hong Kong — Global Tribes Outreach

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in the city? Do skyscrapers, honking taxis, and masses of unique people intrigue you? Don’t miss the chance to experience the allure of city life and the souls who make it a city! You and your team will have the opportunity to partner with local ministries to build relationships with the people of Hong Kong. You’ll be involved in ac- tivities like loving on the local kids in VBS, sports ministry, encouraging those who are lonely, street ministry and more. The opportunities are as diverse as the city! It will take a daily reliance on the Spirit to find, and meet the divine appointments He has planned for you, and a sense of adventure as you try new foods and learn a new culture! Come to invest yourself, expecting the unexpected. $3,800.00

Kristin Hershberger — Not available 2021

India – Global Tribes Outreach

As one of the favorite Charge destinations, this trip will require flexibility, a heart open to the Spirit, and a strong sense of adventure! Come expecting to see the Father work as you and your team are given one of the greatest privileges, worshiping His name in places it may never have been spoken before. You will also have the opportunity to encourage and bless local believers, broadening your view of the global Church. Come ready to pour out love, and to experience the beauty of the Indian culture with its vibrant colors, variety of traditions, and warm hospitality! $3,650.00

Kristin Hershberger – Not Available 2021

Ireland, Waterford — Comeragh Wilderness Camp

The trainees that come to Ireland can often be involved in quite a wide variety of projects. The Camp runs several week long summer camps for children as well as facilitates activities for groups of youth. There is also a bakery/convenience store in the village that is run as fundraiser’s for the camp and help is needed at times for this. For trainees there are many opportunities to work with young people and children as well as some building and maintenance projects. Having plenty of flexibility and crea- tivity are definitely an asset in coming to Ireland. $1,900.00

Craig Martin — One Male & One Female Trainee*

Kenya, Nakuru & Kisumu — Amish Mennonite Aid

The activities will take the trainees into the homes of the national Africans for tea, Bible study, and visitation. There may be opportunities to assist in working side-by-side with the nationals in work projects such as mudding a house, etc. The Lamp & Light Office will also provide some exposure to the spiritual needs of present day Africa. $2,500.00

Joseph Hostetler — Two Male Trainees

Liberia, Monrovia — Christian Aid Ministries

Christian Aid Ministries of Liberia welcomes students to come enjoy Africa and its people and see the many physical and spir- itual challenges present in this country. Students coming here will experience interacting with those living in abject poverty in various ways. This includes travelling with native CAM employees distributing food, clothing and Chrisitna literature or hold- ing evangelistic meetings. Students will likely take a several days long, dirty, scorching trip to the African interior in which you may be priviledged to sleep in a native mud hut home and not only experience the challenges of primitive living but also the spiritual darkness and occult practices of a society ignorant of and disobedient to the things of God. Visitng orphanages and teaching at the week long Summer Bible School at Tower Hill (CAM base) is always a highlight and both activities provide many opportunities to interact with children. Ladies also spend time at the CAM base doing small projects such as painting, sewing or perhaps passing out CAM layette bundles at a clinic or hospital. For the men, there are always lots of CAM com- pound maintenance projects, work in the warehouse or mechanics garage, or another bush trip. Come prepared to change your schedule at a moments notice and be stretched out of your comfort zone. $2,500.00

Elmer Sensenig — Two Male & Two Female Trainees

Mexico Church Plant — DestiNATIONS International

We would enjoy introducing you to our corner of the world in Choix, Mexico. We welcome you to our daily life as you work alongside one of us in daily responsibilities, children’s classes, Bible studies and literature distribution. Discover the importance of flexibility, experience the warmth of the Spanish culture, and taste some of the world’s best tortillas! $1,675.00

Not Available 2021

Mexico Orphanage — DestiNATIONS International

Come experience life at an orphanage for a month! You will care for a young handicapped boy, maybe do some cooking, while interacting with the twenty-five other children living at the orphanage. Be prepared to sweat, learn basic Spanish and to be Christ’s hands and feet to hurting children. $1,525.00

Not available 2021

Mongolia — DestiNATIONS International

Chinggis City is a community of about 25,000 people in eastern Mongolia. Opportunities for your summer would include teach- ing English to children and teens, playing baseball and ball hockey with youth, joining activities at our community center, and visiting herder families in the countryside. $3,575.00

Not Available 2021

Nicaragua — Olive Branch Menn.Missions

Seeing the Kingdom of God grow through our two sister church plants is the goal of the work in Nicaragua’s coastal plains. Leon is a large bustling colonial city, and Malpaisillo is a rural hub for a sprawling agriculture-based community. Though the communities are very different, our ministry is similar. Ministry will include plenty of opportunity to interact with children and youth, help with boys’ and girls’ clubs, visit in the community, and distribute tracts. You may assist with daily chores such as domestic, carpentry, or mechanical work, or you may lend a hand with some of our small businesses. Highlights will include close interaction with our small but growing church families through fellowship meals, youth events, and daily life. The ability to speak Spanish would be a blessing. Come with a desire to walk in the missionaries’ shoes and to be used of the Lord.  $1,450.00

Jason Shantz — One Male & One Female Trainee

Nicaragua, Waslala — Waslala Christian Brotherhood

This mission experience will provide a true picture of the rigors involved in frontier missions. Hard work in any variety of occupational modes will be required as you work with the mission families and natives. Your experience will range from cook- ing to rolling in the mud under a broken down vehicle, from fellowshipping with mission leaders as they lead a growing church to discussions with natives about your faith. For the female trainee, knowledge of Spanish is preferred, but not required. $1,300.00

Tim Schrock — Not Available 2021

Paraguay, South America — Amish Mennonite Aid

This mission will provide the female trainees an opportunity to work in a clinic located in a remote area. Their work will in- clude domestics, gardening, and general assistance of mission personnel. For male trainees, there will be an opportunity to as- sist in self-help projects, vehicle and building maintenance needs, etc. All trainees can expect to be involved in visitation and evangelism efforts There may be an opportunity for a short Spanish language course. $1,600.00

Wayne Wagler — Not Available 2021

Poland, Minsk Mazowiecki — Anabaptist International Ministries

Anabaptist International Ministries has existed since 2001 for the purpose of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and strengthening churches in Central Europe. AIM represents a number of conservative Anabaptist churches and is administered by the AIM board which meets in Guys Mills, PA. AIM’s work is currently based in Poland, where the team is engaged in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL), Bible studies, Sunday services, personal contacts, special meetings, Bible con- ferences, singing tours, translation and publication. Trainees would assist with two weeks of VBS in two locations. The other two weeks would be spent in other outreach doing some work projects, and some limited sightseeing opportunities. $2,100.00

Lavern Hershberger — Not Available 2021

Southeast Asia – DestiNATIONS International

Have you wondered what life would be like on the field in a creative access country? Come experience life up close as we work together in various ministries. Actively participate in daily life, help to pioneer a Community Center, and see God at work in Savings Groups. Opportunities include teaching English/ Vocational skills, Bible stories, traveling to a northern state to visit Savings Groups, working with villagers in their fields, and/or being involved with children’s homes. $2,900.00

Four Trainees

Spain — DestiNATIONS International

Participants will assist the long-term workers in ministry to the Muslim immigrant population in Southern Spain through prayer, food distribution, English classes, and hospitality. There will also be domestic jobs such as cleaning and painting. A basic un- derstanding of Islam and some basic Spanish vocabulary would be helpful, but is not required. $2,000.00

Not Available 2021

Thailand — Global Tribes Outreach

This multi-destination trip will be stretching and require an adventurous spirit, flexibility and a passion for God and personal growth. You, along with your team, will be involved in working with local missionaries, sharing the Story of Jesus throughout villages in rural Thailand. Bring your creative ideas to use as you do camps, and build cross-culture relationships with these warm hearted people, many of whom have never heard the name of Jesus. You’ll also spend time in the culturally diverse country of Malaysia. Opportunities in Malaysia may include, blessing local staff, teaching English, inner city ministry and prayer walking. You have the opportunity to impact eternity through your willingness to love and serve. Come willing to learn about the heart, culture and religions of the people of Thailand and Malaysia, and to show them His love. You’ll be stretched! $3,000.00

Lloyd Esh — Not Available 2021


Arkansas, Harrison — Hillcrest Home

As a participant, you will have first-hand exposure to living and working in the footsteps of Jesus in lowly, selfless servanthood. You will observe and assist our workers in various aspects of caring for our nursing home residents, the “fatherless” and “widows”. Orientation will be given on putting others before selfish interests, learning patience and Christ-like responses to those with deteriorating brain function. You will learn how to connect and relate with those who are limited in verbal and men- tal connection. You will have opportunity to comfort the grieving and minister to the lonely and helpless. Options will be avail- able for men and ladies to assist in resident activities, food preparation and serving, and housekeeping routines. Men will have janitor and maintenance opportunities. You will grow through experiencing dorm-life, living with the VS staff, and being exercised spiritually and socially. $975.00

Leonard Mast — One Male & Three Female Trainees

Colorado, Canon City — New Horizons

New Horizons Ministries provides Christ-centered nurture for children and families in need by providing one-on-one care for the young children of incarcerated mothers. We also operate two thrift stores that help to provide additional support for the ministry. We are dedicated to the spiritual life of our staff and our mission statement includes providing “programs and experiences for our staff members that foster spiritual and personal growth”. You will assist with child care (ladies), serve in our thrift stores, and work on maintenance projects (men). You will live with our VS staff and will engage in prayer and praise, Bible studies, volleyball, and other spiritual and social activities. $1,750.00

Nate Helmuth — Two Male & Three Female Trainees

Indiana, Washington — Fresh Start

Fresh Start Training Center is all about Changing Hearts & Changing Lives in a Residential Discipleship Ministry. Men & couples come to our 8 month live in program due to lives that have become unmanageable. Much of that miserable decline is a result of addictions, abuses, broken relationships, moral & Spiritual depravity, anxieties and depression. Opportunities abound to minister to a hurting and confused heart. WATER students will participate in and lead classes, observe counseling, facilitate activities, do jail ministry, be a dorm leader and learn what it is to be “on staff” in a residential ministry environment. You will get an overview of our staff training program (Heart Evangelism & Relationship Training), as well as assisting & leading in jobs skills training for our clients either in our shop programs or in the maintenance department. Prepare to be stretched beyond your comfort zone! $1,250.00.

Tim Weaver — Two Male & One Female Trainees

Maryland, Oldtown — Allegany Boys Camp

Allegany Boys Camp is a year-round camping program designed to help boys with emotional and behavioral problems. Trainees who are considering the possibility of becoming a counselor in the program will get an up-close look at the day to day activities of camp. They will be involved in work projects, assist in maintenance, and interact with the counselors and campers. $600.00

Brian Martin — Two Male Trainees

New York City — DestiNATIONS International

Nyc is one of the world’s most influential cities. Situated on the east Atlantic coast of the United States, it serves as a global center for economic activity, political power, knowledge and influence. Come and experience first-hand the endless opportunities for cross-cultural ministry in the city. You will help local mission teams by distributing literature, engaging in conversation and building relationships with Muslims, Jews and Hispanics. $1,425.00

One Male or One Female Trainee

Pennsylvania, Mill Hall — Bald Eagle Boys Camp

Bald Eagle Boys Camp is a year-round program designed to help boys with emotional and behavioral problems. Trainees who are considering the possibility of becoming a counselor or be involved in other ways will get an up-close look at the day-to-day activities of camp. Trainees will be involved in work projects, assist in maintenance, and interact with counselors and campers. Because of the therapeutic program of camp, time spent with the groups will vary and be based on group dynamics and activities. $600.00

Laverne Beachy — Two Male Trainees

Pennsylvania, York — Tidings of Peace Mennonite Church

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with the local community, experience urban life, and develop a deeper appreciation for ethnic and cultural diversity while working alongside the people who are serving here. They will do this through various community service projects, interacting with school students, street evangelism, and VBS. $825.00

Tyler Burkholder — Three Male & Three Female Trainees

S. Carolina, Batesburg — Carolina Chaplaincy

This program is a great opportunity to sharpen your friendship evangelism skills as a student works alongside of a volunteer chaplain from CCP. They will visit inmates in the dorm and lock-up units, as well as joining the inmates in their weekly Bible studies and Sunday morning worship services. Time will be spent dialoguing with inmates and encouraging Christians behind bars. You will gain an understanding of prison ministry and learn how to relate to all types of people. $1,125.00

Brian Musser — Three Male & Two Female Trainees*

South Dakota — Olive Branch Menn. Missions

Take the opportunity to spread the Good News to the people living on the reservation and assist the missionaries with visitation, tract distribution and Bible studies in the local correctional system and detention center. Participate in cottage meetings and other church related activities, meet the people of the town by lending them a hand in the tire shop and touch the lives of chil- dren by playing with them and assisting staff with Bible clubs. These are all opportunities to share Christ’s love to the people of the Sioux Tribe. — $1,400.00

Jeffrey Deiter – One Male & One Female Trainee