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July-September 2018 Newsletter

In this newsletter, WATER students Hannah Miller, Tasha Martin and Kylan Skrivseth reflect on their trips to Guatemala and Haiti.



April-June 2018 Newsletter

Two students - Leonardo Penner and Elizabeth Miller - reflect on an assignment they completed for Discovering Our God. 



January-March 2018 Newsletter

Green beans, marshmallows, or rat poison - so many options! Albert Stoltzfus reflects on lawfulness, expediency, and the glory of God. 



October-December 2017 Newsletter

Ashley Ruhl, a student at SMBI's first term, reflects on the experience of the Anabaptist History Tour. 



July-September 2017 Newsletter

Val Yoder first delivered the message Get in the Way of Evil at REACH 2017, a gathering of young people and numerous conservative Anabaptist ministries. The message is here adapted for The Monitor.



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