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January - March 2016 Newsletter

Clifford Schrock addresses our tendancy to evaluate in either/or terms what should be isssues of priority. What are the first things we should devote ourselves to?


October - December 2015 Newsletter

article 1

A first-term student reflects on the way God incrementally provides for our spiritual needs.

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April - June 2015 Newsletter

article 1

In this newsletter, Clifford Schrock explores the way we receive and impart our legacies.

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January - March 2015 Newsletter

article 1

Over 100 pastors and their wives gathered for Ministers Week 2015, hosted at SMBI. 


October - December 2014 Newsletter

article 1

The first term enhanced program concluded with a canoe trip. The eleven ladies on the trip learned about community and, in sharing about their theme of Beauty in Brokeness, met God.

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